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Demolition Chainsaw Chain Types

When looking for a demolition chainsaw, it’s important to learn the various types. You’ll want to choose the right one for your needs, as well as the type of material you’re cutting.

One of the most common types of chains is the low profile chain. This type is ideal for cutting wood or pruning limbs of trees. It has been designed to help prevent kickback, and is safe for use. A low profile chain is also lighter, reducing strain on your engine. But it might require more frequent sharpening.

Another type is the narrow kerf chain, which is thinner than the standard chain. This allows your saw to cut through thinner pieces of wood faster. These types of chains are perfect for cutting branches into small logs, or milling logs into planks. They are also great for using on electric chainsaws. However, they must be used with a specific type of bar.

For demolition work, you may want to choose a carbide chain. These are stronger than a standard chain and last longer. They are also good for cutting frozen logs, and sand-impregnated bark. Although they are more expensive than standard chains, they are more durable.

Another chain you might consider is a diamond chain. This is a special type of chain designed to cut rocks and concrete. The teeth are dipped in chrome, which keeps them sharp and resists debris. Diamond tipped chains are not recommended for cutting soft wood, or wood that has been impregnated with metal.

If you’re looking for a more aggressive cut, you can go with a ripping chain. Unlike the narrow kerf or full chisel chain, a ripping chain cuts along the grain of the wood. It is a better choice for smaller cuts, but not for making long plunges.

Finally, a full chisel chain can help you make quick cuts, but it can be difficult to cut through harder types of wood. This demolition chainsaw chain type of chain can be hard to sharpen, so you’ll need a high-powered saw. Full chisel chains don’t have the safety features of other chainsaws, such as a rubberized ring to avoid kickback when cutting.

Choosing the right kind of chainsaw for your project can be tricky. It’s essential to understand what kind of power you’ll need for the task, as well as the length of the guide bar. Many manufacturers make specific models that are designed to work with certain types of bars. There are also special features, like the Velocity Stack, that can increase your power by up to 10%.

If you’re in the market for a demolition chainsaw, it’s essential to know the different chain and bar options. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read your chainsaw operator’s manual to learn the details. Also, check the gauge of your saw to find the correct replacement parts.

Chainsaw chains are made from steel alloy. Some are designed specifically for certain applications, such as a high-speed or a low-kickback model.