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What is a Malicious IP Blacklist?

A malicious IP blacklist is a list of internet addresses that should be blocked by firewalls, IPSes, and other network security tools. This list includes illegitimate connections to websites and other systems that can lead to fraud, spam, malware, or other attacks.

There are many different types of IP blacklists, and each one has its own criteria for adding or delisting an IP address. However, there are a few common factors that indicate whether or not an IP address is suspicious.

The most common reason that an IP will be flagged as malicious is due to spamming or other unwanted activity. This can include a distributed denial-of-service attack, dropping malware, or hosting phishing or illegal content.

These types of threats are also referred to as botnets, and they have the potential to affect your entire network. This is why it is important to protect your business from them.

Using a malicious IP blacklist can help you keep your business safe from these types of threats, but there are some things that you should know before using one. These include how these lists work and what kinds of things are included on them.

Block IPs that are spoofing with one simple IP address blacklist

A malicious IP blacklist is a list that contains a range of different Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that should be blocked from accessing your network. The list should be used in conjunction with other network security tools that can filter traffic based on policies or manually add addresses as needed.

Most blacklists are auto generated based on a set of conditions that suggest bad or malicious behavior is occurring. This means that they can be misleading and sometimes even incorrect.

This is why it is important to verify IP blacklisting systematically and act quickly to fix issues right away. This helps you to prevent your IP from being blacklisted in the future, and it will also ensure that you are getting an accurate picture of how malicious a particular IP is.

IPQS can help you avoid malicious users on your website with the world’s leading IP intelligence data and a simple API for instant lookups. This gives you the ability to identify abusive connections that are currently being used for web attacks, scraping, and account hijacking, as well as to stop user SPAM and fraudulent payments.

Reputation Intelligence Capabilities that Fill the Gaps Left by Traditional Blacklists

Traditionally, IP blacklisting solutions have only focused on detection. While this may be sufficient for some applications, they don’t provide the visibility you need to respond to attacks at the network level. This is why Imperva developed reputation intelligence capabilities to fill the gaps left by traditional IP blacklists.

These capabilities allow you to identify threats that are more likely to be malicious than other threats, such as alternating botnet IPs or search engine crawlers. You can then prioritize responses by utilizing Imperva’s advanced bot protection management tooling.

The ability to detect these threats at the network level makes it easier for you to prevent them from affecting your entire system. This can make a significant difference in the amount of time it takes to resolve these problems.