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What Are Building Services?

Architects can design the most stunning buildings, but without building services they’re not going to work. Building services are the systems inside buildings that make them safe and able to function, including lighting, heating and ventilation, electricity, lifts and escalators, acoustics, water supply, drainage and security.

Building services engineers are responsible for the design, installation and monitoring of all these systems. They are also concerned with energy efficiency and sustainability, aiming to reduce the overall carbon footprint of a project. This is becoming increasingly important, especially as regulation becomes more stringent.

In addition, building services engineers have to comply with government regulations regarding safety, fire and environmental concerns. This involves ensuring that all designs are compliant with the latest legislation, and also incorporating sustainable development appropriate to the particular project. This can involve assessing and integrating renewable energy generation, such as solar power and wind turbines, as well as developing energy management systems to control the use of electrical equipment and reduce peak demand.

The main function of a building is to provide shelter from the cold, sun and rain, but it must be more than that: it must be an environment in which people can live, work and achieve. To do that, it must be a comfortable place to be, and in order for the space to meet those requirements the facilities must be installed and maintained effectively.

Building Services are everything that makes a building ‘come to life’, from the service lift and fire stair to the toilets and M&E service riser ducts. They include:

A building must be properly maintained in order to keep it in good condition, and the best way to do that is by using a professional company that offers building maintenance. This will ensure that all areas of the property are kept in good working order, and that any issues are rectified as quickly as possible.

Keeping a commercial property well-maintained will help to reduce any potential hazards, and this will in turn reduce the number of insurance claims that can be made against a business. It will also keep the building in better shape, so that it can be used for its intended purpose and will last longer.

A company that offers building services will have a large team of skilled and experienced maintenance staff who will be able to carry out the necessary routine maintenance. This will include inspections, repairs, cleaning and maintenance of all equipment. It will also be able to deal with pests, including rodents and other unwanted intruders, which can cause serious damage if not dealt with immediately. Having these experienced maintenance personnel on hand will help to reduce the stress that can be caused by maintaining a commercial property, and will ensure that it is safe for occupants at all times. This can lead to a happier, more relaxing building process for everyone involved. This can also lead to cost savings for the business in the long term.